Quick prepatory note about the Dan Barker vs James White debate…

James White is debating Dan Barker on the topic “Does the Triune God of Scripture Live?”, tonight at 7:00 in Urbana Illinois.

I’ve been waiting for this debate for a long time, and it’s something to keep in your prayers for today.  I don’t recommend that one prays that White would have victory over Barker, or that Barker’s errors would be manifest clearly and that White would show his errors clearly.

Dan’s hack & slash use of scripture and continuous appeals to biblical contradictions need to be met head on, with serious lexicographical and exegetical refutation.  I imagine that White is up to the challenge, as much as anyone else.  I do definitely agree with that.

Dan does need to be taken to task for his pseudo-intellectualism, high school-level bible scholarship, his irrationally dogmatic faith in naturalism and his position of being a capitol “a” Atheist (he believes that he had knowledge, positive knowledge, that God does not exists…and this is essentially built on all his horrid bible ‘contradictions’).  That is true too.

But, even if Dan gets reduced to stuttering and admitting he’s wrong (kinda unlikely), that will do nothing but make atheists mad and remove Dan from the forefront of atheist apologists/evangelists.

Prayers should be made that God would open Dan’s eyes and soften his heart.  Prayers should be made that Dan would understand the falsehood of his “I was the most Christian guy ever” claims of the past, the reality of his sin, his self-idolatry, and his need for a savior.  Dan needs to be saved from the just punishment of his sin, like everyone else.  People who pray should pray for his salvation, not his defeat in debate.

Also, people should pray for White.  Pray that Christ gives White a love for Barker and a concern for his salvation.  Pray that White would be gentle with him as a person and treat him lovingly, yet would be firm with his bad argumentation.  Pray that White would have clarity of thought, precision of speech and remembrance of all his preparation.  Pray that he would have safety in travel, and that future debates with Barker would become realities.  Pray that he would have rich time in God’s word before the debate, that the Word would dwell in him richly and come out in his speech and actions.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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