The Sodomite Speech Police Strike!

Yeah, I figured I was due to offend someone again.  I nailed the militant atheists recently, and now I figured that I’d say something about the whole “gay marriage” gestapo; namely the whole Miss California fiasco at the Miss USA pageant.  I’m wondering:

1.  Why the heck is Perez Hilton a judge in Miss USA?  As far as I know, he’s a gossip blogger.  What in the world are his qualifications, short of being insanely shallow and notorious for his sexual deviancy?

2.  Why is Miss USA being asked questions about the whole “gay marriage” issue?  Isn’t that a little “heady” and political for a beauty pageant?

3.  How in the world would Miss USA have any influence over the proposed changes to the definition of “marriage” anyway?  Who CARES what she thinks?

4.  How in the world can Perez get away with calling her names like he did, and not get sued for defamation?

5.  I want to see Don Cherry interview Perez Hilton for 60 minutes.  That would be worth a $59.99 pay-per-view cost.

Just my two cents.  I laughed when I heard about it, but I realize that it reflects a culture that is increasingly brainwashed about “free speech”; i.e. everyone should be free to express hatred of Christianity and anyone not towing the social agenda of the deviant minority is, by default, hateful and in need of vitriolic attack.  Perez is a hateful little man who spends his life suppressing the truth in unrighteousness because his conscience constantly wars against him over his sin-defined life.  What is sickening is that such a character is given a public forum to spread his rage against his creator and anyone that respects their creator.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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