The danger of reading about people you, uh, know about…

…is that eventually, you may discover that someone you idolized isn’t as awesome as you thought they were…

…or someone you thought was “all right” is not…

…or someone you thought you could respect in some way is actually a chowderhead.  Dr. Kent Hovind, now in prison for tax evasion, and apparently staying there despite his desperate efforts to not take his comeuppins for his lying and theft (he owed the government a little in unpaid taxes), used to be someone I didn’t know much about, except that he was a creationist (albeit a rude one).  I had read little of his writings and had watched one clip of a video (where he continually insulted evolutionists and their mothers).  Then I heard about the aforementioned scandal and looked into it, and started reading some of his stuff.  I quickly confirmed my suspicions that he’s not someone I would ever identify myself with…

…and then I saw this.  Kent Hovind had now lost any shred of respect I ever had for him (KJV Onlyism?  I’m beating my head with a meat tenderizer as we speak!).   Kent Hovind talks about the “Alexandrian Cult”, The 5,000+ manuscripts that Erasmus (and others) collected to make the English versions of the Bible, how Westcott and Hort used the “wrong manuscript” (singular) to translate from, etc.  There is so many errors in Hovind’s monologue that I’m not sure if he makes a singular statement that is error free.  That video has as much to do with actual textual criticism and Biblical manuscript transmission as this.  On the subject of textual criticism and the transmission of the Bible, Kent Hovind is a total, bonifide quack who needs to read something actually related to textual criticism (like this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or even this or this).

Just for those of you who are wondering about some solid answers, check this and this and this out.  Thank the Lord for James White.  He’s not much of a creationist (that I’ve at least heard him talk about; that’s not really his thing), but he is slightly better than Hovind in the area of textual criticism.   Just something a little theological and intelligent for your edification.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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