Political confusion about a religious issue…

So today, the CBC threw up this article which seems to show how utterly brainwashed Canadian politicians (and journalists) are.

Apparently Steven Harper thinks that Afghanistan, which is 99% Muslim, should treat it’s women like the west because that’s more fitting with “human rights”.

Someone should tell Mr. Harper that not everyone on the planet agrees what “human rights” are, or what constitutes a “human”.  Muslims arguably don’t think of women as “human” in the same way that they think men are “human”.

They have a different view of women, and consequently a different view of their rights (both in extent and entitlement).

We are idiots if we think that another country with another comprehensively dominant worldview (i.e Islam…) should uphold our secularist and humanist ideals about how women “should” be treated (like being allowed to marry one another, produce children with some help of modern medical technology, and call it a “family”).

Muslims don’t think of women like we do.

The won’t.

They never will.

Why do we expect them to?  Why does Harper think that some western, white, political leader from what is seen by Muslims as a Christian nation has ANY authority or weight overseas?

Harper’s problem isn’t with Afghanistan.  Harper’s problem is with their ideology and views of women, and that comes from their REAL leaders tell them to think about women; Harper’s problem is with Islam.

We don’t need military…we need missionaries.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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