Seeing that I posted a rambling exegetical blatherscythe last time, I’m now going to simply throw down some thoughts.

I’m sleepy.

I’m going for a nap…wait.  Some rambling thoughts first:

I’ve been working through Galatians 4:21-5:1 for the last few weeks, and the more I study the NT and its use of the OT, the more I realize that even “scholars” and “pastors” really are just absurdly ignorant about the OT.  We don’t know our Bibles to save our lives, and we’re the ones who are supposed to.

Textual Criticism is a subject that so many people (and pastors) are so utterly clueless about, it’s no wonder that Satan employs it as his ammunition of choice against Christianity in the academy these days.

Naruto is about to beat Pain (like 20 more manga or so), but HOW will he have a chance against Uchiha Madara?  Will Sasuke join him in the end?

NOW, I’m going for a nap,


– P.S. – Here’s a thought continued from here:

I used to work as an Ornatrix in an Amish community.  Here’s a little of my portfolio:

Hair 1

Hair Fail

Hair fail 4

Crazy Hair 3

Crazy Hair 2

Chewwie Hair

Crazy Hair 4

Crazy Hair 5

Crazy Hair 6

Okay.  The joke’s dead.

I’ll let it go


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