The Answer to the Question You’ve ALWAYS wanted to know…

WHAT IN THE WORLD is the song “The Days of Elijah” talking about?

After years of speculating, I had a genius idea…

…look it up on the web!  HA!

Here is the answer to the question I’ve heard probably 50 times.

So now the song makes a little more sense to me (although it’s absurd that a worship song is so confusing that you have to read an interview with the author to understand it)…though I am slightly skeptical as to whether or not the title of the song was received via divine revelation.

I wonder if Robin Mark considers himself a prophet now?

Well, he attends a Lakeland supporting church, so I wouldn’t be surprised… And check out this post for sheer ‘what in the world?’ factor…”I knew something wasn’t right but I said wait and see but maybe I should have gone with my first instinct.”

…uh, yeah.  I knew something wasn’t right too.  Maybe it was when he ‘healed’ that woman by kicking her in the face.  I think that gave me a clue.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t surprised when Charisma reported that Todd Bentley was an alcoholic and cheated on his wife; fapparently that negatively affected his ministry (somehow?!?).  It’s all good now, since he’s remarried already…oh, except that he’s completely disqualified from ministry and is a false teacher.  Other than that, he’s all good.

Relating it all back to the song, I think Robin Mark’s theology comes out in the song.  If the Bible is not handled seriously by a worship leader (and let’s be honest…health & wealth churches don’t even pretend to take the scriptures seriously), the songs that will emerge will have nouns and verbs that appear in the Bible, but a worldview that, well, biblically speaking…uh…this sums it up.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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